Welcome To The Selfie Stick Store!

Hi and welcome to selfiestickstore.ie Ireland’s number 1 selfie stick store where you will find the best range and quality of selfie sticks in Ireland. We offer nationwide delivery for a flat rate of just €2.95 and have a range of selfie stick and zoom in/out selfie sticks available. Please note that there are a lot of cheap versions of the zoom in/out selfie sticks being sold in Ireland but most of them do not work with iPhones but our version is compatible with all version of iPhone.

What are they and how do they work?

A selfie stick is street slang for what were once called monopods. A selfie stick and selfie pole are all the same thing just with different names. They have exploded onto the scene in the last year and first came out of Asia and in particular South Korea before becoming popular with adrenaline junkies who liked to film themselves performing various stunts and then eventually they became main stream over the last 12 months and it looks like they are here to stay.

A selfie stick is an extendible pole that has a clip on the end which allows you to attach your phone, camera or Go Pro securely to the end in order to take better pictures. They are used primarily to get more background in the picture as well as being able to get more people into a photo and they are also used to photograph hard to reach places. When they were first released there was only a basic model available which had a wire to connect to your phone in order to take a photo. As they became more popular however superior models have been released such as the bluetooth selfie stick with remote control and the built in bluetooth shutter selfie stick both of which are made from stainless steel.

Our selfie sticks are universal meaning that they fit most brands and model of phone including the iPhones, Samsung Galaxy phones, HTC and Nokia Models and pretty much any smart phone on the market. To be sure they fit your phone please check the product description or send us an email.